A DAD from Northwich has seen his invention picked up by international companies, including airlines and F1 teams.

Jonathan Shone, an ex-shift worker and father of two, spent years developing a specialised material that makes organising hand tools more efficient.

Shadow Foam was originally manufactured and distributed from his home in Northwich until 2016, when operations then moved to an industrial unit on Cosgrove Business Park.

And such has been its success, that it is being used to organise the tools of Red Bull, Mercedes, and McLaren F1 teams as well and Thomas Cook and British Airways.

“Our product has been two years in the making and is a direct result of our customer’s feedback,” said Jonathan.

“It’s funny that I was boxing up Shadow Foam in my garage not so long ago, and now that same product is on the shelves of some of the biggest retailers like Machine Mart.

“We have just secured an additional warehouse allowing us to hold more stock, and the new product will help us to support further employees.

“We are looking to stay local as we want to support job growth here in Cheshire.”

With worldwide ambitions, the company have now launched their new East Peel product and have already achieved over 50 percent of their target sales within the first five days.

This aims to make getting organised even easier than ever before by offering a multi-layered foam that can be easily cut and peeled to create custom size slots for items.

Losing things in a bag or a case can be a frustrating experience, but Shadow Foam hope to put an end to that.

Easy Peel is now available for pre-order through Kickstarter until Friday, August 30, when it will then be available from the Shadow Foam website.