A KINGSMEAD author has had a children’s book published and it is entirely set in Northwich.

Alan Fleet has now written seven books and his latest is the second that he has written for children.

‘Team Bella and the Mystery of the Lost River’ tells the story of four children solving a mystery involving the River Weaver.

Alan said: “I have been a novelist for a while now and this is the seventh book I’ve written but my second self-published children’s book.

“It’s the second book in my ‘Team Bella’ series and the first started off as a screenplay for a film.

“After writing that I thought it would translate well into a children’s book so I started working on that it and it was published in 2017.”

Alan’s first children’s book ‘See Bella’ told the story of Primrose, Pearl, Milly and Reggie as they worked together to locate a stolen dog.

For his follow up, Alan has moved the setting closer to home with the River Weaver playing an integral part in the story.

Alan: “The locations and clues that the children discover in the book are real so anyone who reads the book can follow the same journey that the characters do.

“My grandchildren are convinced that they are two of the characters. It’s a really nice thought because it shows how the books have captured their imagination and that is what reading is all about.”

The author has received praise from members of the community for the first part of his ‘Team Bella’ series.

He said: “I’ve had letters from schools in the area saying that the book has been popular and I know that it is stocked in the library so it is really nice to have that support from the community.

“I am still sending the original ‘Team Bella’ screenplay to different companies to see if it can be picked up.”

Alan has also contributed to the 'Northwich District Look for a Book' initiative and he has hidden five copies of his latest book in the town.