VALE Royal Athletics Club members were among the prizewinners at their Pie and Peas Five.

While Thomas Booth (West Cheshire) completed the five-mile multi-terrain course near Moulton in Northwich fastest of all, he was trailed across the line by Alex Doyle and Raif Serif.

Stuart Doyle (men's over 45), Gareth Williams (men's over 50), Jeanette Pope (women's over 40) and Carolyn Dooley (women's over 45) all celebrated a victory in their age-group category.

There were team triumphs too for Vale Royle in both the men's and ladies' races.

Nathan Williams and Matt Rowlinson completed a successful quartet with Alex Doyle and Serif, while Anna Begbie, Katie Dickinson and Emma-Louis Pyatt joined forces with Dooley to see off their their closest rivals.

The 2019 edition of the annual race also incorporated a fun run to mark 25 years since the mid Cheshire outfit was formed.

A bumper field of more than 380 finishers included 40 from the host club.

Meanwhile a familiar face, but wearing different colours, was the quickest female in action.

Megan Huxley, representing Cannock and Stafford and a former junior at Vale Royal when she lived in Middlewich, stopped the clock in 32:46.

Results (selected Vale Royal AC members)

Pie and Peas Five

Wednesday, August 7

Men: 2. Alex Doyle (under 20) 27:32; 3. Raif Serif (under 20) 27:49; 4. Nathan Williams 27:53; 5. Matt Rowlinson 28:00; 6. Stuart Doyle (over 45s) 28:05; 11. Aaron Doyle (under 20) 29:39; 12. Gareth Williams (over 50s) 30:10; 13. Gary Richardson (over 45s) 30:14; 17. Robert Roe (over 40s) 30:58; 25. Graham Miles (over 50s) 32:16; 28. Brian Dooley (over 45s) 32:32; 32. Scott Bamber (over 50s) 32:41; 39. Matthew Scott (over 45s) 33:21; 58. Bob Carinaldi (over 50s) 34:47; 61. Geoff Fawkes (over 45s) 34:57; 64. Chris Weedall (over 40s) 35:00; 81. John Moulds (over 50s) 36:29; 90. John Clarke (over 65s) 37:13; 123. Steve Collier (over 60s) 39:00; 160. Anthony Dutton (over 45s) 41:18

Women: 37. Gemma Barnett (over 35s) 33:07; 44. Carolyn Dooley (over 45s) 33:38; 46. Anna Begbie (over 35s) 33:57; 82. Katie Dickinson 36:35; 117. Emma-Louis Pyatt 38:43; 118. Jeanette Pope (over 40s) 38:53; 129. Liz Gale (over 40) 39:28; 134. Eleanor Riches (over 45s) 39:43; 162. Debbie Moreton (over 50s) 41:20; 163. Jo Edwards (over 55s) 41:22; 248. Paula Manley (over 40s) 46:00; 269. Ann Collier (over 55s) 47:31; 278. Debbie Richardson (over 50s) 48:01