IS there a young bookworm in your life? Then they might enjoy heading outdoors this summer and taking part in a secret book search across Northwich.

A pair of book fairies have launched a treasure hunt encouraging children to find hidden books, read them and re-hide them to be discovered again.

Inspired by a similar scheme which has been a big hit in Cumbria, the Northwich and District Look for a Book search has generated lots of social media interest, with thousands joining its Facebook group in a week.

The scheme is run by former Barnton Infant School pupil Kerry Parry and retired teacher Dorothy Bell, who wanted to inspire children to develop a love of literature.

Northwich Guardian:

Dorothy, of The Pippins in Winnington, said the idea came from Jules Huck, a former pupil from her early teaching days in Cockermouth.

She said: “She set it up because she was looking for something for her grandchildren to do in the holidays.

"When she asked me to join the West Cumbria Look for a Book group, I thought it was a wonderful idea but didn’t think I could contribute as I don’t have the same connections with young children as when I was a teacher.

“But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that through the magic of social media I was connected to lots of former pupils who have their own children and it planted a seed in my mind to do something similar here.”

Dorothy contacted Kerry to seek advice and get things off the ground.

Northwich Guardian:

She said: “I’ve managed to keep up with a lot of technical things, but I wasn’t really sure about the mechanics of how the Facebook group would work.

"Kerry has been fantastic – she’s completely talented with the IT side of it and is just as passionate about the idea as I am.”

Kerry, of Weaver Road in Moulton, has fond memories of teacher Dorothy and was thrilled she got in touch.

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The 36-year-old mum-of-two said: “The response so far has been absolutely wonderful – we’re over the moon.

“Mrs Bell is a bit of a legend in Barnton. Since I posted the group on my own Facebook page, lots of people I went to primary school with have been in touch sharing their memories of what a great, inspiring teacher she was.”

So far, around 100 books have been hidden around Northwich in places such as Castle, Marbury Country Park, Winnington, Rudheath, Davenham and Moulton.

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They come with a note from ‘the bookworm’ asking children to keep the book for as long as they wish, and when they’ve finished enjoying it, to re-hide it for someone else to experience.

They also ask them to post a picture to the Facebook group Northwich District Look for a Book.

Northwich Guardian:

Dorothy said: “Books are magical – if children can read, the world is their oyster. So much can be learned through books. It’s not just about the mechanics of learning to read words, but the reason for reading those words. Reading helps us to connect the world around us.”

Kerry added: “It’s a wonderful way for families to spend some quality time outdoors with their children, not only looking for books but reading them together too. And even if they don’t find a book, they may find other treasures in nature while they are out and about.”

n Find 'Northwich District Look for a Book' on Facebook.