TWO Hartford girls worked together to raise almost £700 between them for three national charities.

Lilly Birtwistle and Jessica Taylor, both 13, arranged a cake sale and raffle in Hartford Hall to raise money for Beat, a charity that helps people with eating disorders, Cancer Research UK and Burning Nights, which supports people with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

The event helped to raise £657.43 for the charities.

Heather Birtwistle, Lilly’s mum, said: “It was such a fantastic day I was so proud of Lilly.

“There was so much support from family and friends and the people at the hall were so helpful as well.

"The first person to arrive was someone who me and Lilly met in the town and gave a leaflet to so it was great to see support from the general public."

Lilly attends the Grange High School in Hartford and Jessica is a pupil at St Nicholas High School and the two girls worked together on the day because they did not want to waste their summer.