A FAMILY fun day raising money and awareness for an autism charity takes place in the town centre this Sunday, August 18.

The fundraiser for the National Autism Society will run from 12.30pm at Garnett Hand Car Wash off Venables Road, near Sainsbury’s.

The day has been organised by Talisha Dearden, whose son Dominic was diagnosed with autism after a lengthy diagnosis process.

She said: “Dominic was about two years old when I started to notice things – he didn't like smells, he had set ways of doing things and would only walk certain ways as a routine.

“If you didn't do things that way would cause him to have a meltdown. He was very good with numbers and maths from a young so family and I would do things with him to encourage that.

“When Dominic started school we could only walk one way and he'd never allow us to walk any other. Once in school he found it hard to settle in that was when my thoughts were mirrored by his teachers.

“Dominic was referred to a paediatrician and had all different kinds of appointments before he got his diagnosis, so I’ve decided to raise awareness about autism and for people to realise that, that child acting up or shouting in the supermarket is not ‘naughty’.

“So many people are quick to judge. It's not just the child with autism spectrum who needs support, their family does too.

“I want to help so others like myself can get the help and support we need, and we can educate everyone on autism spectrum disorder."

The event will feature face painting, hook a duck, stock sponge throwing, a sensory area, sweet stall, cake stall and raffle and tombola with lots of great prizes to be won.

Jennifer Harradine-Jones, who has helped organised the day, said: “Many businesses around Northwich have joined in by donating prizes.

“We love how Northwich comes together when it's needed.

“We are so grateful to everyone that has helped to organise the day and the prizes donated, it truly means a lot.”

All are welcome to come along and enjoy the day.