A BODYBUILDER has scooped gold and silver medals in her first competition after excelling in the fitness model and bikini categories.

Chloe Maund, who works at Northwich Memorial Court, said she has always been interested in the events before entering the UK Ultimate Physiques Welsh Championships in Bridgend.

And after finally mustering the courage to compete, the 25-year-old from Warrington was delighted to have done so well and qualify for the British finals later this year.

“I’ve been training for the competition for about a year and a half, but having to get up on stage is the biggest challenge,” said Chloe.

“Bodybuilding is something that I’ve always been interested in and it’s just about having confidence and backing yourself.

“I’m so glad that I finally decided to bite the bullet and enter, especially as I’ve trained so hard for it.”

Chloe has now progressed to the British finals which will take place in York later this year and says she can’t wait to test herself on a bigger stage.

“I’m really happy to have done so well in this stage of the competition and I’m so excited to be competing in the British finals,” she added.

“I’ve trained so hard for this competition in Wales, but I’ve got to step it up now for the finals.

“A lot of pressure will be on as I’ll be competing against people from all over the UK, but hopefully I can do well and secure a top three finish.”