A PASSIONATE chef has come up with a novel way to provide top quality meals for busy families.

David Bell, who learnt his trade working at Michelin star restaurants, is preparing dishes in his Knutsford kitchen for people to finish off at home.

The chef, who has 20 years experience, uses restaurant techniques to get all the ingredients ready.

With painstaking precision, he marinades meat before cooking it in a water bath, makes his own stocks, sauces and spices and chops up fresh vegetables from his local market.

Everything is then packed into biodegradable containers and hand delivered free - with simple instructions for customers to complete each dish themselves in 20 minutes.

Northwich Guardian:

Chef David Bell painstakingly prepares all the ingredients for top quality meals so you can simply finish them off at home

"People can bring these elements together to give them a 'wow' meal," said David, who is married with three children under six, Eric, Molly and Jemima.

"I'm trying to give busy people fresh food that is exciting."

His online business lifestyleboxd.com launched eight weeks ago and has already won rave reviews from diners.

David grew up in the country and always wanted to be a chef.

"I've always loved food," he said. "I got a job in a pub washing dishes when I was 14 and I was cooking there every night while I was doing my A levels."

After gaining a culinary arts degree, David developed his skills and expertise at various Michelin star restaurants including Heathcotes in Manchester and Preston.

Northwich Guardian:

Treacle and tamarind glazed king oyster mushroom, roast garlic puree, crispy potatoes, charred greens and sherry vinegar is one of his many dishes

Preparing fine cuisine at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant at Claridge's, Midsummer House in Cambridge and Northcote Manor in Blackburn gave him the chance to fine tune meticulous methods.

Attention to detail, he says, is paramount.

"Everything has got to be right," said David. "It gives you a deeper understanding of maximising flavours and respecting ingredients. You understand the science of food."

Bag packing across south east Asia, America and Australia has inspired his imaginative menus and flavours.

"My most popular dish is Vietnamese style honey glazed chicken with fresh mango salad and chilli dressing," said David. "I cater for all tastes and also offer a south Indian prawn dish with lemon pilau rice.

Northwich Guardian:

Chef David Bell packs every component of each dish in biodegradable packaging

He prepares meats in a water bath. Everything is very tender and when the steak is flashed in a hot oven it will come out pink.

"Everything is good if not better than food served in a restaurant. The quality is always there.

"I marinate meat for 24 hours and reduce fresh sauces right down for four hours to add flavour. I create my own pickles and chutneys and blend my own spices.

Northwich Guardian:

All tastes are catered for

"Portions are always generous to fill you up and give you energy. I make sure all the meals are balanced with carbs, protein and vegetables."

David is offering readers a 20 per cent discount using the code GUARDIAN20 when they make their first order at lifestylefoodboxd.com.

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PROOF is in the pudding so when David offered me the chance to taste his food, I couldn't resist.

I chose salt and pepper steak, sushi rice, soy and sesame vegetables priced £10 and Sriracha chicken, garlic rice, Asian vegetables and crispy shallots costing £7.50.

Peering inside each brown paper bag, I was intrigued to see every component neatly packaged and labelled, compete with sheets of greaseproof paper to line baking trays.

Each meal had a laminated instruction card, with a colourful picture of what the finished dish should look like.

A simple countdown timeline showed you exactly what to do and when.

Northwich Guardian:

Steaks are marinated and then cooked in a water bath and will still be pink when customers finish them off at home

The steak came in a sealed pouch to roast in the oven, over vegetables. The rice was also in bags to simply boil in hot water.

I was amazed to find the steak still pink when I sliced it. The meat was juicy and sumptuous. I would never have thought of serving steak with sushi rice but it was really flavoursome. Sugar snap peas, sweetcorn and broccoli, coated with soy sesame dressing were lovely and crunchy.

The chicken was succulent and tasty, sprinkled with spicy dressing and crispy shallots.

I absolutely love cooking so I wouldn't usually order prepared dishes.

But this was like having a master chef in your own kitchen - leaving me free to enjoy a relaxing G&T!