HERE are some of the stories that made the headlines in our area 100, 50, and 25 years ago.

100 years ago

THERE was ‘unpleasantness in Pleasant Street’ as a dispute between neighbours went all the way to court.

One neighbour accused another of calling his wife a cow and mooing in the street, while there were accusations of bricks and flagstones being thrown at both homes.

A witness branded it ‘an unpleasant street’ and said it was ‘like a cattle market’.

The two men, both chemical workers, had again exchanged words at the works.

Magistrates dismissed the case, calling it ‘six of one, half a dozen of the other’, and ordering each party to pay their own costs.


THE Victory Loan campaign yielded more than £620,000 in Northwich – thanks largely to the major subscription of Brunner Mond.

The grand total for the scheme – which looked to help Britain raise £1bn to alleviate First World War debts – came to £621,551 in Northwich.

Brunner Mond subscribed £470,000, as well as £10,000 apiece in Middlewich and Sandbach.

50 years ago

A COUNCILLOR accused Northwich Urban District Council of ‘replacing prefabs with prefabs’ as plans for new homes were revealed.

The council proposed replacing bungalows in Worthing Street and Dean Street with industrialised structures, at £2,300 each with a build-time of four months.


A PLAN to combine Lower Wincham and Lower Marston village centres to make ‘Winton’ was tabled.

Following Cheshire County Council plans for industrialisation, two residents proposed a ‘Winton village green’ bounded by Ollershaw Lane, Cross Street, Chapel Street and the canal.

25 years ago

A MAJOR campaign against flytipping was launching following incidents at Fury Wood in Northwich and Whitegate Way in Winsford.


A POLICE officer from Hartford saved a drowning boy after he fell from a dinghy during an asthma attack.