A MUM-OF-THREE has been convicted of drink driving on the M56 in Cheshire, a week after being convicted for dangerous driving.

Sopida Srimas, from Menai Bridge in Wales, was pulled over on the M56 by police on June 25, Chester Magistrate’s Court heard on Friday.

Officers could smell alcohol on Srimas and a roadside breathalyser showed positive for alcohol, namely 51 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

Srimas admitted having drunk a quantity of wine but said she thought it had not been enough to be over the limit.

The court heard that the offence came two months after she was arrested for dangerous driving in Wales on April 13.

For her previous offence, she has been banned from driving and given a fine at Caenarfon Magistrate’s Court on July 4, but she had not been sentenced on the date she was stopped on the M56.

Chester Magistrates also slapped Srimas with a ban and £235 costs, but due to the ban running concurrently and repayment of the fine being added to her current fine, Srimas has been largely unaffected by her second driving offence in quick succession.

Chair of Magistrates Mr Paul Storrer, said: “For this offence on June 25, we are going to impose a 12 month disqualification. But that will run alongside your existing one so it will have no additional affect on you.”

She will repay the costs at £6 a month.