CHESHIRE’S Conservatives are still weighing up who should be Britain’s next Prime Minister with 10 days to go until polls close.

The party’s 160,000 members nationwide have until Monday, July 22, to decide if they would rather Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt receive the keys to 10 Downing Street.

While Brexit has been the main topic during the leadership contest, Cheshire’s Conservatives are also keen to know more on issues such as HS2, northern investment and the environment.

Both candidates have hit the headlines with tax pledges and a commitment to leaving the EU, while the two contenders also have their critics.

Mr Johnson has previously made high-profile errors such as the failed £53 million London Garden Bridge project, while Mr Hunt was slammed by NHS junior doctors in the 2015 contract dispute.

As the clock runs down for Conservative members to cast their votes, the Guardian asked 10 councillor from Cheshire East or West who they would be backing.

Cllr Rachel Bailey, CEC member for Audlem – UNDECIDED

Northwich Guardian:

I have not made my mind up yet, only yesterday we received further correspondence on behalf of both candidates as the contest continues.

I would be looking for the next leader to make the case for investment in the north.

I find the use of HS2 as a political football to be very concerning. I would like some certainty about investment in the north, particularly as Cheshire East is the gateway to the north west.

It is key to me that the next leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister should not lose that focus.

If Brexit occurs it will be even more important that the economy of the north and south is rebalanced, and that they are well connected.

Cllr Mike Baynham, CWAC member for Winsford Over and Verdin – JOHNSON

Northwich Guardian:

I am backing Boris, I think he is the man to deliver what needs to be delivered.

He is a Brexiteer, he said that from day one, and I think we are in a position now where we need a Brexiteer to get us out of Europe.

I am quite confident that he will win. For me both candidates are very impressive, but I think it is just about choosing the candidate who will deliver on what was voted for.

If Jeremy was leader I would support him and I do think he would eventually get us out.

Cllr Lynn Gibbon, CWAC member for Marbury – JOHNSON

Northwich Guardian:

I’m backing Boris because I don’t want a Theresa May Mark-II with Jeremy Hunt.

I think Hunt is very good and in a different time and circumstance I would support him, but not in the current circumstances.

We need to get out of Europe and I think Boris will deliver. I like his vision and optimism – he talks the country up when a lot of people talk the country down.

We are a brilliant country, we have got lots going for us, and Boris makes you feel good.

He would have a very good team around him. Nobody gets through life without making mistakes, but you learn from those mistakes and you don’t make them again.

Cllr Andrew Kolker, CEC member for Dane Valley – UNDECIDED

Northwich Guardian:

I really, genuinely have not made up my mind.

I would be more than happy to remain in the EU, I definitely don’t want to leave without a deal, so I find it very difficult to support either candidate. I don’t even know whether I am going to vote.

I think Boris will win but I genuinely don’t know how this is all going to end.

I think it will go back to Parliament before we do leave the EU, but Parliament has already rejected the offer that is on the table. What will please them, I just don’t know.

It is all a complete mess in my view – and I can’t believe that anyone else would solve it.

Cllr Charlotte Leach, CEC member for Mobberley – PROBABLY HUNT

Northwich Guardian:

From my perspective, obviously I am a Conservative member but I would very much describe myself as a moderate, and the leadership is not something I am overly enamoured with at the moment.

Following the referendum the party has very much lurched to the right and that is not really my politics. I’m middle-of-the-road, centre ground – which is not a popular place to be at the moment in politics.

I can’t imagine a situation where I don’t vote for Jeremy Hunt because he is the better option than Boris Johnson, but I would like to see some more moderate policies being discussed.

I would be keen for Brexit to be resolved so we can focus on some domestic policies. There are so many crucial matters that are not being given the time they deserve because politics is dominated by Brexit.

At the moment, Boris and Jeremy are pandering to the membership which sits to the right of the party. I was more in favour of Jeremy Hunt until he came out in favour of fox hunting – I thought we had moved on from that.

I don’t see much of my own politics being reflected by the big hitters in the party at the moment. I was quite supportive of Rory Stewart as he was offering something quite different.

Cllr Kate Parkinson, CEC member for High Legh – JOHNSON

Northwich Guardian:

I think I will back Boris Johnson.

Boris has a lot more longevity in my opinion, and I know a lot more about him than I do about Jeremy Hunt.

We have got to pick one or the other and I would pick Boris.

Cllr Lynn Riley, CWAC member for Frodsham – JOHNSON

Northwich Guardian:

I have decided, I have cast my ballot, and I am a Boris backer.

I believe very strongly in Britain and we need as a nation to remember that we are Great Britain. I am looking for a leader that can remind us that there is nowhere more magical than where we live.

For the sake of my unborn grandchildren who I wish a happy, healthy and prosperous life, I want somebody to remind the world that Britain is, was and always will be the greatest.

We have lost our mojo so we need a BoJo.

If it is Jeremy Hunt then I would be more than happy to continue as a Conservative under his leadership until a point in time where he gave me cause to doubt him.

But right now I am shooting for the moon. I just think there is an alignment of the planets that is beyond exciting. Jeremy could take us there, but would he in the same way as Boris? No.

Does Boris Johnson make mistakes? Yes, and when he does it becomes headline news, but in this country we like to dwell on failures. Sometimes you do have to think big, and at times those big ideas don’t come off.

If we play it safe all the time we will just be ‘Britain’. If we are prepared to shoot for the moon – that is what makes us ‘Great Britain’.

Cllr Mark Stocks, CWAC member for Shakerley – JOHNSON

Northwich Guardian:

I have decided to back Boris, I believe he is the right individual at this moment in time to move the Conservative Party forwards.

The key issue is about restoring trust with the electorate at large, and delivering Brexit is the key to doing that. He is the person who will lead us out of Europe.

Everyone was sceptical when Boris became Mayor of London, and while he was in office he impressed. He delivered the Olympic Games, which is probably the greatest achievement in London’s history.

I am confident that he can build a team to deliver Brexit.

Cllr Helen Weltman, CWAC member for Davenham, Moulton and Kingsmead – UNDECIDED

Northwich Guardian:

I am still thinking about it. I am not particularly impressed by either of them to be honest.

Jeremy Hunt is OK, but Boris Johnson’s morals – his personal life is questionable. That’s my take on it, but I am going to wait until the last minute to decide.

It has been dominated by Brexit, but I think the environment is crucial. We are doing some good work on the environment but it is all about Brexit, we need to be getting the other messages across.

Cllr John Wray, CEC member for Brereton Rural – UNDECIDED

Northwich Guardian:

I haven’t decided yet, I thought I would wait until all the hustings first, I have got an open mind.

The whole political situation at the moment is in a state of flux – it is a mess for both of the main parties.

It is not a very impressive state of affairs in British politics at the moment. I don’t know how we have got into this situation really – it is a complete mess, very topsy-turvy.

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At one stage I thought Boris would be alright, then as time goes on you see more and you think maybe Hunt would be better.

Then you see more, and you think you might as well tear up your ballot paper! It makes you think you don’t know what to think anymore.