RESIDENTS have voted to approve the Moulton Neighbourhood Plan.

The plan, which will act as an advisory to development in the village over the next 11 years, was put to residents in a referendum last week.

It received 361 ‘yes’ votes and 35 for ‘no’ – a 91 per cent approval – with two spoilt ballot papers.

The plan summary said: “Moulton aims to have a thriving and prosperous community which delivers a high-quality lifestyle for all its residents.

“The parish supports a strong local economy that has a positive relationship with the natural environment, promotes sustainable development that meets the needs of local people, and incorporates high quality design standards to mitigate flood risks and climate change impacts.”

Key policies focus on protecting and enhancing the village’s character and heritage, its green space, promoting sustainable business, improving traffic and transport, maintaining a housing provision and boosting services and amenities.

The document was put together by a steering group, with help from surveys of the village’s residents and numerous consultations.

It added: “The role of the steering group was to act as facilitators in enabling local residents, businesses and community groups to determine the focus of their Neighbourhood Plan and devise policies to tackle local issues.

“The Moulton Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared for the community by the community.”

Introduced in 2012, Neighbourhood Plans allow residents to have a say in advisory planning policy. While the plans cannot block development, they allow people who know the area best to help shape its future.

In Moulton, key housing policies include restricting countryside development, making sure developments fit in to the village’s character, and redeveloping the Regent Street ‘garage area’.

The parish council has thanked residents for their support.