PETTY Pool hosted a music festival suitable for those with learning disabilities and the weather helped make it a special day for everyone there.

The event, which took place in the Petty Pool Vocational College in Sandiway on Thursday, July 4 was the second festival that the college has organised.

Around the festival there was a police and fire department stall, ice-cream and drinks stalls, a BBQ, a green-screen and karaoke.

Nicola Colenso, director of student services, said: “It was an amazing day, everyone there had a great time.

“It was really well attended as well, there were over 500 people there.

“All the bands and musicians were fantastic so I would really like to thank them, and I would like to thank everyone from the stalls who supported us, it really helped make the day special.”

The event was first held in 2017 and was a successful day for Petty Pool but it was let down by the weather.

Nicola said: “Last time the weather was really miserable and it rained all day but this year the sun was almost the highlight, it was a lovely day for it.

“It’s a bit too early to say but we did have a lot of people asking if we will be doing it again next year so we will see.”