A NORTHWICH nurse is opening a new clinic in Warrington offering IV fluids.

Run by a team of nurses, health care assistants and a doctor, IV Recharge on Horsemarket Street promises to boost people's hydration and wellness levels.

The drips work by adding hydration, improving mood, boosting your immune system and offer anti-ageing benefits.

It can also help with muscle recovery and nausea.

James Meek, from Northwich who co-owns the clinic with Joanne Daley, decided to open the high street service after working as a nurse in private clinics for 14 years and as a senior lecturer at UCLAN.

The 34-year-old said: "Customers will have a medical consultation before they are approved for a drip.

"If they have a headache they will feel the benefit pretty much straight away.

"Having fluid and vitamins injected directly into the vein has more benefits as it is almost 100 per cent absorbed into the bloodstream compared to oral vitamins.

"Customers can choose either pure saline or add B vitamins or vitamin C to the fluid.

"Vitamin B has been proven to improve your mood and memory as well as your overall wellness.

"Vitamin C is great for the skin and especially for when you are feeling under the weather."

James is currently working towards a PhD alongside his full-time business.

He also runs Elite Aesthetics Training Academy above the clinic which offers aesthetics training in skin treatments, first aid, CPR and anaphylaxis.

The whole process of having an IV drip will take no longer than an hour, including the medical consultation and walk-in appointments are available.

You must be over 18 to have a drip.

Prices range from £25 to £500.