Here are the stories that made the headlines 100, 50, and 25 years ago.

100 years ago

THE Guardian featured a full page (pictured above) on the death of Sir John Brunner – former MP and chemical works founder.

Sir John was described in the obituary as a ‘great leader of industry’, a politician and a philanthropist.


A DRIVER was fined for blocking traffic in Witton Street by parking in the road – saying she presumed it was allowed as she did it in Chester.

The car caused traffic to back up near Crown Street on market day.


FIVE Barnton youths were charged after playing football in the streets.

A plain-clothes police officer saw them playing in Runcorn Road around 6.40pm and took their details.

Three of the boys were fined, and the other two saw the case dropped.


A MARSTON man was fined five shillings for swearing – in his own home.

He appeared at the door drunk saying his brother had hit him, after a police officer overheard.

50 years ago

RUNCORN Road at Barnton was given £29,000 in government funding for a facelift.

The road – at the canal crossing – was due for £38,800 of work in total including a new bridge.


TRAFFIC lights at the junction of Witton Street and Chesterway were retained as the former became subject to one-way traffic – on the condition they were controlled by a push button.

25 years ago

PLANS for a £20 million warehouse at Lach Dennis were ‘thrown out’ by the Environment Secretary.

Campaigners had fought long and hard against the development, which went to a planning inquiry.

The secretary ruled that the plans extended the urban area, taking up agricultural land, and brought traffic concerns.


ANDERTON Marina was given the green light to cater for 100 boats.

Objectors had included a neighbouring farm and Anderton and Marbury Parish Council.