A TEAM of first responders from a Northwich pharmacy and doctors' surgery have been commended for their lifesaving actions.

A Well Pharmacy worker and a Danebridge Medical Centre trio have been rewarded for their swift response to a collapse at a nearby pharmacy earlier this year.

On Tuesday, April 30, a delivery driver collapsed in Well Pharmacy in Drillfield Road, at which point pharmacist Amal Mohamed sprung into action.

She said: "Initially we thought he had fainted, but I quickly realised that he had no pulse and his heart had stopped.

"I started CPR and asked one of my colleagues to get the Danefield doctors."

The clinical duty team – consisting of Dr Fiona Durnian, Sister Imogen Hollingworth and healthcare assistant Samantha Campbell-Briggs – arrived with a lifesaving defibrillator device.

Using the practice's resuscitation equipment, the team managed to keep the customer alive until the North West Ambulance Service and air ambulance arrived on scene.

Dr Durnian said: "This was such a surprise to receive – I was just part of a wonderful team on the day who worked together to do what we do each day.

"We are also so pleased that the individual is making positive progress."

The incident was all the more personal for Amal and the Well Pharmacy team, as the long-serving delivery driver would visit the store twice a week.

Manager Kristina Carroll said: "If it wasn't for Amal's quick reactions, he wouldn't have survived."

Amal and the Danebridge team were awarded the prestigious North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust Consultant Paramedic Commendation earlier in June.

Dr Fiona McGregor-Smith, executive partner at Danebridge, said: "On Friday, we were overwhelmed and delighted for our colleagues involved in this life changing event to be awarded the prestigious commendation."