A WEAVERHAM school club has been rated 'good' by Ofsted following an inspection.

The Club, which operates in Weaverham Primary Academy, in Northwich Road, during term time received the rating for leadership, teaching and development of children.

Weaverham Primary Academy is part of the North West Academies Trust.

Inspector Maxine Allmark said: "The staff are confident in identifying potential signs and symptoms of abuse.

"They know where to seek advice should they have any concerns about a child in their care.

"This helps to promote children's welfare. The manager is proactive in accessing training for herself and her staff."

The staff were praised in the report for listening to children's interests.

Inspector Allmark said: "Well-qualified staff know the children they care for well. They use children's interests to engage them in activities and to promote their learning and development.

"For example, staff skilfully incorporate numbers and songs into the interest children show in making origami animals.

"Staff have a good understanding of where children are in their development."

The inspector was also impressed with the development of the children.

Inspector Allmark said: “Children share resources well and help each other in their play. For example, several children participate in making paper animals and insects to complete the wall display.

“They promise their friends they will make some moths for the night-time display. Snacks are healthy and well balanced, and staff encourage good hygiene routines.

“Children confidently discuss which fruits they prefer and why sweets are not always healthy.

“Children show excellent skills in literacy and technology.”