MENTORING for children whose parents have links to criminality is being rolled out across Northwich and Winsford.

Police and crime commissioner David Keane has awarded £5,000 to 'Passion for Learning', which will run the project.

The funding will be used to train volunteers to work with children whose parents are in prison or have bene convicted of criminal offences, to ensure it doesn't impact on their development.

These volunteers will work one-to-one with children in primary schools, providing them with support to tackle issues affecting their behaviour or progress at school.

Mr Keane said: “Having a parent in prison can present a very difficult time for a child and it can have a long-term negative impact on their behaviour.

"This could lead to the child engaging in criminality or anti-social behaviour themselves.

“This project will ensure vulnerable children are led down a different path from an early age and that their home environment doesn’t have a negative effect on their ability to learn.”

Passion for Learning is one of 16 organisations across Cheshire which has recently received Mr Keane's

Safer Communities Funding

to support crime prevention or meet the objectives within his police and crime plan.

Diane Clark, managing director of Passion for Learning, added: “We are delighted to receive this funding, which will enable us to reach more children in Winsford and Northwich through our Passion for Learning volunteers.

“Our support enables the children to make progress at school, in terms of their learning and their social and emotional wellbeing.

"We can also open doors and provide opportunities to the children we support, helping to develop their aspirations for the future.

“This motivation is the key to becoming a competent learner, enabling children to fulfil their true potential as adults.”