MIKE Amesbury has blasted the government for delays to the promised two trains an hour through Northwich during a debate in Parliament.

Speaking in Westminster Hall during a debate on transport in Cheshire, the Weaver Vale MP also hit out at the government’s failure to fully fund crossings across the tolled Mersey Gateway bridge.

He said: “For every £4 of investment put into London and the south east, the north gets £1 – those are the Government’s own figures.

“The Northwich area in my constituency was promised two trains an hour to Manchester, but that has not been delivered by the failing Northern franchise.

"On tolls, there was a clear promise, as outlined by [MP Justin Madders], that a local discount scheme would be extended to Cheshire West, Chester and Warrington, but that promise has not been delivered.”

Speaking outside the Chamber, the shadow employment minister added: “The government’s record on transport infrastructure has been a disaster, from awarding contracts to ferry companies with no boats, to holding up rail improvements due to a lack or trains.

"It’s not acceptable, it’s costing livelihoods and causing misery in my constituency and beyond.”