A NOODLE bar is enjoying bring ‘the whole package’ of Far East food and culture to Witton Street.

Noodle Nana has been a revelation in the town centre since opening in April, bringing something unique to the high street’s ever-improving offering.

Run by husband and wife team Hailin Zhu, 37, and Jamie Li, 36 – along with Jamie’s mum Qing Li – the restaurant has welcomed a steady flow of new diners and

last month got the all clear

to stay in town.

Having moved to Davenham from Manchester 18 months ago with a young son and a dream of running their own restaurant, Hailin and Jamie are now offering more than just tasty food.

“People have been so kind,” Hailin told the Guardian. “Everyone comes in and they really appreciate our food being fresh, healthy, homemade and handmade.

Northwich Guardian:

“When customers come in they leave with smiles on their faces and say they will be back and tell their friends about us. It’s just spread by word of mouth, and that’s why in such a short period of time we feel we have achieved so much.

“We can’t believe it, we just think it’s amazing and we’re loving every minute of it.”

Diners are using the new offering as a chance to learn about where it all began, with Qing Li moving over to Manchester in the 1990s and bringing decades of catering experience to Noodle Nana.

Northwich Guardian:

Hailin said: “Everyone who comes in will have a chat about the food, its origins and the culture behind it.

“People ask about the symbols and are keen to understand what’s behind the restaurant and the food.

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“I’ve even been asking people to try eating with chopsticks – many have never used them before but with a little bit of encouragement they try them.

“It’s a great experience – the whole package of authentic food and culture here in Northwich.”

Northwich Guardian:

Despite always talking about opening up their own place, it took their young son to inspire them to go out on their own.

“We always wanted to work for ourselves, and had been thinking about a noodle bar for many years,” Hailin explained.

“Once we moved here and spotted that there was nothing like it, we just thought it was such a lovely place and there was nothing close to it and it was something we could try.

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“We started searching for a shop to rent and it just happened that this came available. As soon is it did, we thought ‘let’s go for it’.

“Many of our customers asked why Noodle Nana – they like the name but why that? It’s simple – my mother-in-law is a great cook and our three-and-a-half-year-old son really loves his nana’s cooking.

Northwich Guardian:

“It was just natural. She does all the cooking and the hard work!”

Noodle Nana is open each day except Mondays, from 11am until late afternoon. Find them on Facebook.