A MUM has come up with a novel way to tackle dog poo.

Rachel Platt, from Castle, cut a letter box hole in empty water bottles, filled them with plastic bags and attached them to trees and lampposts around her neighbourhood.

The mum-of-two has attached notes on all the bottles addressed to dog owners, saying: ‘Please take a free poo bag.

‘Clean up after your dog, it’s unfair on the rest of us. Let’s try and keep our streets clean

‘I’m personally sick of playing dodge the dog poo on the school run because I always lose’.

The 35-year-old has placed the bags near schools, play areas and streets where dog owners fail to clean up after their pets.

“It’s just sheer laziness,” she said. “I used to work with someone a few years ago whose two-year-old niece got dog poo in her eyes and went blind,” she said. “It resonated with me. I was so angry.

“The amount of times I have trodden in dog poo is incredible.”

Rachel’s simple idea was a resounding success on social media as residents welcomed the initiative.

“It was such a cheap thing to do,” said Rachel, a receptionist for a financial advice company. “I already had bottles at home and bags in the cupboard.”

Her 11-year-old son Liam, a pupil at Winnington Park Primary School, helped her to attach the bottles.

“He wanted to help, I am very proud of him, he is such a caring little soul,” she said. “I made a point of putting the bags near bins.”