A CREATIVE amateur video club is celebrating after winning two four star awards for their imaginative films.

Mid Cheshire Movie Makers received the honours at a prestigious international competition, the British Amateur Film competition in Birmingham.

Their two films Denial and Seconds Out were written by Phil Hosker and produced by Gillian Turner.

"I was absolutely over the moon," said former chairman of the group Gillian, 61, from Barnton. "I wanted to put us on the map. It's been amazing.

"For me there is nothing like the buzz of being on a film set."

Northwich Guardian:

Denial was filmed at Cransley School in Great Budworth

The club, founded more than 25 years ago, meets at Winnington Recreation Club and has around a dozen members.

"We all have a real passion for making films. We want to make something the audience is going to engage with and find interesting."

Denial, starring Steve Hart, Alex Sant and Sophie Williams, is a film about a Second World War resistance fighter being interrogated by a German officer, but history interferes.

Northwich Guardian:

Hadlow Road Railway Station, a Grade II listed building in Willaston was used as a location for Denial

"It took us 12 months from start to finish," said Gillian. "We were very lucky to find three of the most amazing actors willing to give up their time.

"We were also very fortunate to get great locations. One of our members had worked at Cransley School and they allowed us to film there.

"We also filmed at Hadlow Road heritage railway station.

"One of our members Paul Walker is a freelance TV cameraman and was a huge help. It was a true team effort."

Northwich Guardian:

Judges have praised moviemakers for Denial saying it kept them gripped and entertained

Judges said: "We loved the twist at the end which made clear the meaning of the title Denial. The script is extremely well written. The film kept us gripped and entertained.

"We congratulate this group on making a fine, worthwhile war film. You thoroughly deserve your four star award and we are confident that you can achieve even higher awards in the future."

Northwich Guardian:

Judges praised Mid Cheshire Movie Makers for an extremely well written script

Their second film Second Out, starring Katherine Rowe, Tony Barrow and Steve Hart, featured an ageing wrestler retiring to have a better life when fate takes a hand.

Judges added: "The acting was superb. All characters were believable, especially we thought the promoter performed really well. We began to hate his non-caring attitude."

Northwich Guardian:

It took the club 12 months to film Denial

Finding suitable locations, actors and costumes is a big challenge for an amateur club on a tight budget.

"It is very much a labour of love," said Gillian. "Working on location everything has to be planned well in advance. You have to know what shots you are going to need.

"It is very much a learning curve for all of us."

Northwich Guardian:

Judges said they loved the twist at the end of Denial which made the meaning of the title clear

The club also won best film in a competition at Altrincham Cine Club

To raise funds, the club recently used seven cameras to capture Sarah Hobbs dance school's annual show.

The club meets on the second and last Thursday of every month. New members are welcome.

Visit mcmm.org.uk for more details.