SCHOOLCHILDREN in Antrobus are playing their part in saving the planet by upcycling old single-use materials into new artistic creations.

Children at Antrobus St Marks were given a challenge over the Easter holidays of creating a piece of work from recyclable materials such as bottles and cardboard.

Northwich Guardian:

Zac Mortje

Inspired by the devastating images seen all too frequently in newspapers and on television of landfill and plastic waste piling up and harming ecosystems, the school has put a major focus on environmental impact this year.

Deputy head Rhian Perry said: "It's a whole-school initiative, as a bit of a 'how can we save the world' topic.

Northwich Guardian:

Josie Papworth

"With everything in the news recently, we thought 'we need to run with this', and make sure we start teaching children at this age to embrace it.

"We started speaking about plastic, and we thought this project would bring us all together in making something to show the impact plastic is having."

The school has also been accepted onto the David Attenborough Polar Explorers scheme, which led them onto the theme of plastic.

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Amelia Dutton

The scheme follows the work of the RSS Sir David Attenborough polar research ship – home to the famous remote-controlled underwater vehicle 'Boaty McBoatface' which will explore the miles of polar water and ice.

The Antrobus children's work so far is being proudly showcased in classrooms from nursery to Year 6.

Northwich Guardian:

Adam Banek

"There is lots of work on the walls and it's carrying on throughout the school," Miss Perry said.

"It's something we are really focusing on this year, and it will stay with the children until the end of the year and through summer as well."

Northwich Guardian:

Freya Lyons

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