A TERRIER was seriously injured in a savage unprovoked attack by a French Bulldog in Marbury Park.

Fudge, a 12-year-old Cairn terrier, was immediately taken to an emergency vet for treatment.

His distraught owner Joanna Williams said: “A French bulldog grey in colour was sat with its owner under the picnic benches by the toilets.

“As we walked by to get to the water bowl the dog flew from under the table and grabbed my dog around its neck.

Northwich Guardian:

Fudge has a puncture wound on the back of his neck where the French Bulldog grabbed him

“It was on its lead but at the end of its extendable lead so basically under no control. The owner of the dog didn’t seem to care and just walked off.”

Joanna, from Warrington, is now appealing for the owner and any witnesses to come forward.

The unprovoked attack happened at around 1pm on Sunday, May 5.

Northwich Guardian:

Fudge was treated by an emergency vet

“Fudge was rushed to the emergency vet,” she said.

“He has a puncture wound on the back of his neck where the dog grabbed him, internal bleeding, bad bruising and extreme swelling.

"It’s going to be a long haul but I’ve got everything crossed that he can get over this. The owner of the dog didn’t even care what his dog had done plus biting me in the process.

Northwich Guardian:

Joanna takes Fudge to Marbury Park for walks three times a week

"There were witnesses to the attack in the coffee queue.

“The current expense is £450 from out of hours vet, pain killers, anti biotics and an anti inflammatory injection.”

Joanna has been taking Fudge to Marbury Park, just 20 minutes from her home , three times a week for a walk.

“Marbury Park is a wonderful place to walk your dog and in the 10 years we have been visiting the park we have never heard or seen or been a victim of such an aggressive attack.”

Northwich Guardian:

The unprovoked attack has shocked animal lovers

The unprovoked attack has shocked animal lovers.

Joanna has been inundated with messages of support on social media.

Kelly Wormald posted: "How awful. I really hope you and fudge are okay. Praying he has a full recovery. This is our worst nightmare. He's the sweetest little dog, that's just awful."

Jill Wylie said: "That’s awful poor little Fudge - lots of mammy cuddles and he will make a full recovery- thinking of u."

Karen Wilcock added: "Awh that looks so painful]..Speedy recovery hugs for Fudge hope hes feeling better soon x."

Rosh Milner said: "How awful for you and the poor little man.. sending huge hugs and pawsome healing wishes and prayers from Brodie and myself."

Audrey Gormally said: "So sorry this has happened to your little dog, it’s heartbreaking. Hope you find the person responsible."

The owner of the French Bulldog and witnesses to the attack are asked to contact Joanna on her Facebook page.