BUDWORTH Sailing Club is all geared up for its annual open day.

Visitors will be able to get a flavour of the sport and join the experts in a boat out on the mere tomorrow, Saturday.

Ted Garner, who is vice commodore at Budworth Sailing Club, said: "We're looking forward to people coming down and having a try at sailing, to see if they like the sport and check out what Budworth has to offer, but mainly it's for people to get a look at a wonderful participation family sport.

"There will be a lot of experienced sailors there. We'll rig boats, and people who come along will be invited to take a sail on the mere with my colleagues so that they can get a really good taste of what the sport's about.

"We've done open days for the past seven years or so and we've found them a really successful way to give people a taste. Some of those have joined us and are now full participating members of the club."

Lots of hours have been put into getting the club ready for being under the spotlight.

"I was there all day yesterday, and I've just come back from putting banners up," said Ted.

"You know, everything goes wrong when you have an open day.

"The gas went off on Wednesday, lots of rain.

"These things always come together and the club's spick and span so we're looking forward to people coming to see us."

Training can be provided for those interested in progressing in the sport.

"We're related to East Cheshire who run training courses so that people who have never sailed before can sign up to a training course and learn how to sail, give them a skill for life and hopefully give them a pastime that they'll enjoy for a long time ahead," said Ted.

During the open day there will be an opportunity to chat to people about the training courses, from absolute beginner to enthusiastic racer.

And visitors will be able to learn how they could become a member of this famous dinghy racing club.

The open day will run between 10am and 4pm.

Budworth Sailing Club are located off the A559 near Northwich.