LIBERAL Democrat candidates believe the time is right for a comeback in Cheshire West.

The party was wiped out in the 2015 election, having only had one member from 2011 and four before then.

But the Lib Dems are hoping for a revival on May 2 – with 49 candidates running across the borough, including 18 in mid Cheshire, where the party already has a presence on Winsford Town Council.

Mark Ireland-Jones, chairman of Eddisbury and Weaver Vale Lib Dems, said: “Council funding has been massively cut by the Conservative Government in recent years. These cuts are now affecting us all.

“The local council resources have not been well managed making the impact of the cuts even worse – officers are inaccessible, both Labour and Tory councillors pay lip service to concerned residents.

“We are committed to defending the budgets of areas that will impact on constituents and ensuring that no further cuts are imposed on critical areas such as social care.”

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Lib Dems are promising to put the priorities of residents first – including improving traffic congestion, tackling potholes and damaged footpaths, and boosting infrastructure.

Northwich candidates are also preparing to oppose fracking and the planned TATA energy plant in Lostock, while Winsford candidates are pushing for the town to receive ‘its fair share of scarce resources’.

Daniela Parker, Lib Dem prospective parliamentary candidate for Weaver Vale, added: “Lib Dems have been actively campaigning over Brexit and local issues over the last few years and our candidates have built up a reputation for working hard all year round and not just at election time.

“We believe that we are in a strong position to win seats on the council and the feedback on the doorstep is that our messages resonate with people looking for better local services.”

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All eyes will be on which way the electorate votes on Thursday, May 2, with Labour currently having 38 members to the Conservatives’ 35, while there are two independent members.

Labour and the Tories are putting candidates forward in every CWAC ward – while a raft of independent, Liberal Democrat and Green Party candidates are also hoping to shake-up the local authority.

The election will also be the first since CWAC’s electoral wards were changed, which could also play a part in changing the council’s make-up.

There will be five fewer councillors – 70 down from 75 – and 45 wards in total, with all but three having changed from the current wards, and one being removed.

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