A NORTHWICH resident has posted his spoilt local election ballot paper on Twitter, claiming 'this is my response to the traitors in government'.

Tom Clarke posted a picture of his Cheshire West and Chester Council election ballot paper for the Shakerley Ward in Northwich. 

The ballot paper has a line through the three candidates' boxes and 'NO DEAL BREXIT Please' scrawled across it. 

The man who describes himself on Twitter 'an opinionated white working class male who drives a lorry and loves to rant and rail against the world', plans to take his spoilt ballot paper to the polling office next month.

He explained that he 'didn't have a choice' as he feels he was presented with an 'all remainer ballot paper'. 

The candidates for the Shakerley ward are John David Harding (Lib Dem), Tony Lawrenson (Labour) and Mark Lister Stocks (Conservative). 

Mr Clarke posted underneath the picture: "I didn’t have a choice an all remainer ballot paper my anger is even aimed at local councillors. The Tory guy was proud he’d been doing it for years!!!"

The tweet has received a large and mixed response from Twitter users. 

Some people are supportive of Mr Clarke's stance, some are against it, and some a simply baffled by the connection made between Brexit and CWAC's Shakerley ward. 

Tory councillor Andrew Schrader from Billericay waded in to point out: "local elections have nothing whatsoever to do with Brexit."

Mr Clarke, who told Twitter users that he lives in a 'staunchly tory area' urged people to do the same saying: "The party will go on. Until we get off our backside."

Many responded saying they were inspired to follow suit. 

One user responded saying 'I'll be doing the same unless there is a pro Brexit Party standing' while another replied 'Excellent! More Brexiters should do this, and spoil their ballot papers!'