Following the success of a first course in Weaverham in March, more unemployed people from Weaverham and Northwich are set to benefit from this national employment initiative.

Two volunteers from The Stronghold Church, Forster Avenue, have undergone specialist training with the national charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and provide a job club that offers support and practical advice to unemployed people.

Simon Palmer, The CAP Job Club Manager, said: “We really want to give practical help to people in to the community in a friendly and supportive group environment.

“Whether you’ve been out of work for a while or maybe you want to change jobs but aren’t sure how to start – this course is for you.

“Eight people signed up for the first course this year and 1 got a job and the others applied and attended interviews. All came away much more confident.”

The Stronghold job club is joining over 160 in the UK that helped almost 1,000 people find work in 2017.

Simon said: “Our job club is a friendly and relaxed environment; come and let us help you take positive steps into employment and a job you’ll enjoy.

“Being unemployed can be hard to deal with on your own, so join other jobseekers once a week.

“You will grow in self-esteem and confidence and have your own one-to-one coach to develop your strengths and identify opportunities.”

The club will run every Thursday morning for eight weeks starting from May 2 in a back room at The Stronghold Hub cafe, in Forster Avenue and a free lunch will be provided.

For more information call 0800 328 0006.