JUGGLING chaotic family life with two young children has inspired a creative mum to become an author.

Helen Morgan has always yearned to write a book.

The 37-year-old from Wincham started to fulfil her ambition three years ago - but did it all in secret!

"I thought if I don't at least try I'd regret not doing it," said mum-of-two Helen, a business graduate who works part-time in the office at Bexton Primary School in Knutsford. "I didn't tell a soul, not even my husband or my family."

In her lunch break she sat in her car developing ideas.

"Everything was hand written," she said. "When I took my little boy to football, I'd write. I'd sneaked to bed early, write and shove it under a drawer.

"Doing the tea with children running round my legs there'd be days when I wouldn't write a single word."

Helen's perseverance paid off. After sending her manuscript, all in rhyming verse, to 15 agents, half of them replied within a month offering to work with her.

Can't Find My Toothbrush is a charming tale about her nine-year-old son Luka desperately trying to find his toothbrush before school.

Northwich Guardian:

Helen Morgan reading to her nine-year-old son Luka, who inspired her first book

Only when she finally signed up with a publisher did she spill the beans and tell her husband Nathian, an IT consultant, what she was up to.

"He couldn't believe it," said Helen. "He knew over the years I'd said I'd got a book in me. He was absolutely thrilled.The children were over the mum and said 'Mum's going to be famous!"

Northwich Guardian:

Helen with her husband Nathian, nine-year-old son Luka and three-year-old daughter Harper

Helen asked Luka's godmother Shelley Roe, an art teacher at the former Mid Cheshire College, to illustrate each verse with water colours.

"With me being a new author, the publisher wanted to use one of their illustrators, but I stuck to my guns as I thought my friend might get something out of it.

"This has never been about the money, only about a bucket list and making a dream come true."

Within the first day, Helen's book sold out on Amazon and within a week Waterstones had no copies left.

Northwich Guardian:

Helen Morgan's book sold out on Amazon on the first day and within a week Waterstones had no copies left

"It certainly did surprise me," she said. "It's fabulous news, it's been a huge success."

Helen returned to her former school yesterday at Wincham Community Primary School, where her son is a pupil, to read her book to three classes.

Plans for a series of sequels are already under way.

Helen's second book will be about her three-year-old daughter Harper.

"I've managed to write my first book with a job, two small children, a husband and run a house," she said. "There's no reason why I can't do it again,

"It's been such a whirlwind. The book sits at the side of my bed and will be there forever. I'm really proud of myself. It's a big thing. It shows what you can achieve when you really believe in yourself."

Helen is keen to encourage other budding writers to follow their dreams.

"If you genuinely believe in what you want to do, you've got to try," she said. "It was an awful lot of hard work. I had a few wobbles but I absolutely loved it.

"I'll keep on writing as long as people like what I write."

Mum, I Can't Find My Toothbrush by HL Morgan, priced £4.99, is published by Pegasus Publisher.