A RAILING in Rudheath has been left in a ‘disgusting heap’ for almost a month, since it was damaged in a four-car crash in which a 43-year-old man tragically died.

The railing, in Middlewich Road on the bridge over Northwich station, was impacted during the crash on March 10.

A temporary replacement barrier was put in place but fell over just a couple of days later, and has not been touched since.

Jan Smallwood, who lives nearby, said: “The people of Rudheath have had to put up with this disgusting heap since then, with no attempt to make a permanent repair.

“I live down the next street and it’s bad enough – I can only imagine what it’s like for the people living opposite to have to see it every day and be reminded of what’s happened there.

“That’s not to mention the hazard to pedestrians. It gets ripped out and thrown about – someone is going to get hurt.”

Northwich Guardian:

Cheshire West and Chester Council has informed Mrs Smallwood that they intend to re-erect the temporary barrier, but no immediate plans are in place to repair the railing.

Senior manager for highways, Dean Sargeant, said: “Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragic accident and their families.

"Temporary barriers have been reinstated and will be monitored on a regular basis to ensure that they remain in place.

"Plans to replace the damaged railings are underway and the works are being treated as a priority on this well-used road.”

Mrs Smallwood said the issue was just one of many raised by Rudheath residents that had been 'forgotten'.

She said: "We had a fence put through and it took about four years for anything to be done about it. They just don’t bother.

"I have just had enough of all this business about how brilliant Barons Quay is and we on the outskirts are left to fend for ourselves. We have had rats in the alleyways and all sorts.

Northwich Guardian:

"We are left to wallow, like a forgotten area."

The area defined as Rudheath parish begins at Shipbrook Road, with everything west of that point classed as Northwich.

Rudheath Parish Council member Cllr Andy Hancock said residents should always feel free to contact councillors to try and tackle issues in their area.

He said: "I have just recently managed to chase up an issue on a pathway and hopefully we will get that sorted soon.

"There are a number of pathways with protruding hedges and things like that, which obstruct the footpaths and that can be a danger.

"Anything I have taken up is dealt with quite quickly. People should feel free to go to a town or parish councillor – we will try to help and do what we can where we can."