A SCHOOLGIRL who can bend her supple body into incredible positions has been hailed a new British street dancing champion.

Cameron Oakes wowed judges at the Soar British Street Dance 2019 Championships winning the under 12 competition and led her dance school to victory in the duo, quartet and team categories.

Northwich Guardian:

Cameron Oakes has won so many trophies she has run out of space to display them in her bedroom

Her best friend Kiera McCauley, 12, from Hartford, was named intermediate British champion.

Cameron, 12, from Davenham, also won a 'yes' from all four judges at a Britain's Got Talent audition, where Simon Cowell said 'she was born to be a star'.

Energetic Cameron has been dancing since she was four.

Mum Mhari, 41, said: "She is just a ball of energy! She has been dancing since she could walk. Dance is her life, she lives, breathes and absolutely loves it."

Northwich Guardian:

Cameron Oakes trains six days a week, spending up to four hours a day practising intricate routines

Dance teacher Rosie Burrows spotted her talent as soon as she joined her Impulse Dance school in Weaverham.

"When Cameron was only 10, Rosie gave her a job teaching a class and paid her," said Mhari. "I was amazed. She was great with the little ones and had tremendous patience."

In February last year Cameron enthralled celebrity judges after making a dramatic entrance at an audition for ITV's Britain's Got Talent.

"She appeared wearing a onesie, carrying her teddy as though she had just got out of bed," said Mhari. "Glass suddenly smashed, she ripped her onesie off and started back flipping down the red carpet!

"Simon Cowell said she was absolutely wild and born to be a celebrity. David Walliams said to be a true celebrity you've got to have 50 per cent talent and 50 per cent personality and told her she had both in bucketfulls."

Northwich Guardian:

Cameron travels all over the country competing and is now preparing for an international championship

Cameron now trains six days a week at Stage Pro Academy in Warrington and is preparing for an international championship.

"She has worked really hard," said Mhari. "The hours she puts into dance, she deserves success.

"Sometimes she gets knocked back but she never gives up. She keeps going with a smile on her face and that is what makes me and her dad most proud.

"She gets her determination to do well from her dad being a sportsman."

Cameron's dad Michael, 45, now a coach, is a former professional footballer and England goalkeeper who played for Aston Villa, Scarborough, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Cardiff City.

Cameron loves sport, plays cricket and rugby and is a member of the running club at St Nicholas Catholic High School in Hartford.

"She is very determined," added Mhari. "She is fully committed and wants to take her dance as far as she can. Her goal is to be a famous dancer."