EVERYONE has the ability to write, you’ve just got to believe in yourself.

That’s the encouraging message a Rudheath tutor is giving to a class of budding authors and poets.

Olwyn Dean, 59, taught creative writing at Mid-Cheshire College for more than 10 years and helped many people to publish their work and win competitions.

“I spend a lot of time getting people to have confidence in themselves,” said Olywn. “You’ve got to believe in yourself.

“Once you begin to have faith in yourself you can make massive progress in writing.”

Enthusiasts of all ages, including a young mum and pensioners, are discovering hidden talents at a new creative writing group.

“I enjoy teaching enormously because you see such a difference in people from when they first walk through the door, even in six weeks,” said Olwyn. “I don’t believe you can teach creative writing. It’s about guiding people.

“Some never think they can put anything forward while others have a burning ambition to be published but don’t know where to go with it.”

Olwyn, who has four grown-up children and 11 grandchildren, is keen to fire people’s imagination.

“I firmly believe everyone can write but often they haven’t found the right form,” she said. “It is worth experimenting with different genres, poetry, children’s writing and biography.

“I tend to recommend poetry as it condenses language and makes prose better. I encourage people to look at the way words are used. Good writers tend to be good readers.”

It is seven years since Olwyn last taught.

“It’s a great feeling to be back in an environment where people are so enthusiastic about their ability to write,” she said. “Especially as so many people have been out of education for so long and are willing to come and put their trust in me.”

Writers are encouraged to support each other with respect.

“We have a firm rule that any criticism must be positive and constructive,” said Olwyn. “You’ve got to learn to criticise each other to learn to criticise your own work. Sharing things with people can often help you get through areas you might be struggling with.

“We don’t force anyone out of their comfort zone but we like to take them out of their comfort zone if they are willing to go.

“I always open doors but it is up to people whether they want to walk through them or not.”

Anyone who fancies writing poems, short stories, novels, plays or life stories is welcome to just turn up at Shurlach Chapel on Shipbrook Road in Rudheath at 12.30pm on Mondays until September.