EXCITED children have shared a live lesson talking with pupils living almost 8,400 miles away.

Pupils at Barnton Community Nursery and Primary School linked up with a class in South Africa on Thursday.

Youngsters were intrigued and inspired to be able to talk to children on the live video link.

Assistant head teacher Debs Stewart has travelled to Barnton's partner school, Curro Academy in Memelodi to build relationships with staff and children.

Whilst in South Africa, Miss Stewart linked the classrooms and shared the school's personal, social and health eduction curriculum.

Children in Barnton and their counter parts on the other side of the world have been studying a project called No Outsiders.

Pupils have read together a series of book to develop an understand of how the two cultures are different, but equal.

Children were able to ask each other questions and learn about the differences and similarities of the two schools.

Barnton head teacher Alison Lawson said: "This has been an amazing opportunity for our children to connect with children from another culture, giving them the chance to understand that despite the distance between us and our differences, we have many similarities and the right to be treated equally."

Curro Academy's mission is to engender a climate of goodwill, enthusiasm, dedication and co-operation.

Teachers at the Townfields Lane school in Barnton aim to inspire every child to believe in their own abilities to achieve the best.

Barnton is looking forward to welcoming teachers and children from South Africa in the next academic year.