A MOCKUMENTARY inspired by Witton Albion is being filmed for a pilot to be pitched to national networks.

Penned by former County High School Leftwich pupils James Kennedy and Adam Jump, The Albion is described as a fly on the wall style sitcom depicting the running of a non-league football club in the north of England.

Set against the backdrop of a factory town, it is a labour of love for friends who grew up on Granville Road.

Inspired by comedies such as The Office and Phoenix Nights, the slice-of-life comedy is less about football and more about what goes on behind the scenes.

It follows the fortunes of the titular team following a disastrous campaign that resulted in relegation.

James, an established writer and director now based in Manchester, explained: “Whether it’s the humble pie-seller, the ball boy or the fans who attend week in week out, The Albion is a show about family pulling together for a cause.”

The 33-year-old said the idea came about following regular visits to watch Witton Albion with his girlfriend’s dad, Jim Powell, who is a director at the Northwich club.

He said: “My dad used to watch Witton as a kid, so it’s been nice to come back and get involved with the supporters again.

"I just thought there was such a good story there; it’s all run by volunteers and it’s like a family, there are some great characters.

"We wanted to capture that feeling in the script – the story of the underdog is at the heart of every community.”

> James' first film at the Regal 

For Adam, it was an opportunity to pour his life-long passion for writing into a project with real heart.

An account manager for Vodaphone by day, the 32-year-old who also professionally writes wedding speeches in his spare time

He said: “The idea came about when James and I were chatting in the pub, as all the best ideas do.

"We both like the same kind of British comedy, particularly that mockumentary style.

"We just started riffing on ideas and gradually came up with the script.

“It’s really exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing the actors make our script come to life.”

The Albion boasts a high-calibre comedy cast including Martin Treneman, from The Inbetweeners and Phone Shop, as manager Terry Timpson whose attempts to lift the club back to where they belong are undermined by new assistant coach Harry Thomas, played by Dean Fagan from Coronation Street and Fresh Meat.

It also features Mick Ferry, from Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and The Visit, as Terry’s former right-hand man with questionable coaching methods that usually involve a pub crawl.

It won't be the first time James has filmed something in his home town.

A first major foray into filming was in 2006 when he shot Dead City at the old Regal Cinema and used extras from the town to play zombies.

And he’s more than happy to do the same again for The Albion.

Shooting takes place at the Wincham club's home ground on Sunday, March 17 and again the following day.

The duo are keen to welcome local extras to the shoot.

James said: “On Sunday we’ll be shooting pitch-side so if people want to come down and be shot having a pie, or being in the background, they’re more than welcome.

"We want to make it as authentic as we can so the more local people the merrier.”

Once the pilot is in the can the friends then have the task of getting it commissioned for a series, but they're hopeful it will be picked up.

James said: "It's a heart-warming, funny story, we've got a great comedy ensemble involved, we really hope it takes off."

Adam added: "I think it's got all the right elements - we've just got to work hard and try to make it happen."

If you’d like to get involved, email James at james@trifectafilms.co.uk