A NORTHWICH resident is fundraising for an expensive operation for her French bulldog puppy who has a serious heart problem.

Jamie-Lea Davis, 24, bought her puppy in December last year but after a vet check-up three weeks later, it was discovered that he has a stage five heart murmur.

Jamie, from Northwich, said: “We bought Eddie on Thursday, December 20 and were so excited to bring home our first puppy.

“We were told that Eddie was fully vet checked and had no health issues, we were over the moon.”

Jamie took Eddie to the vets in January and it was during that visit they were told about his stage five heart murmur and stage six is the most severe.

Jamie said: “Eddie is booked in for heart surgery on January 11 and this involves putting a stent in his heart to widen an artery to enable him to live a normal, happy life.

“We did insure Eddie the day we brought him home, but as this is a pre-existing condition he is not covered.”

Jamie set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of the operation and so far she has raised just under £700.

Jamie said: “I am really happy with how much I have raised especially since the page has only been up for just over a week.”

For more information and to donate visit the GoFundMe page.