TWO Northwich personal trainers took part in a gruelling challenge to raise money for an Alzheimer’s charity, and they smashed their fundraising target.

Anthony Foy and Josh O’Brien travelled 1.5 miles from Winnington to Barnton, body weight lunging every step of the way.

Anthony, aged 30, said: “It was ridiculously tough. The challenge took about an hour and 40 minutes and we only took a couple of 30 seconds breaks to shake our legs a bit. Every step we took was a lunge.

“I think people donated so much money because they recognised how much of a challenge this was for us.”

They chose to support The Alzheimer’s Society as their clients and friends Hannah and Gareth Dutton have been impacted by the disease.

Anthony, said: “Hannah’s father recently lost the ability to walk and was taken into a home last month, so we’d love to help this charity in any way possible.”

Hannah, from Chesterfield Close, Winsford said: “We’re so touched by their gesture. Ant has seen what an emotional process this has been for us. It’s really kind of him – he’s a big softy at heart.”

The challenge certainly took its toll on Anthony and Josh who needed help getting home at the end.

Anthony said: “We could not walk when we finished. We just sat down and waited for a lift back to the gym.”

The pair set a fundraising target of £250 because they only had a week to raise money but after finishing the challenge they had raised just under £1,100.

Josh said: “It was overwhelming seeing how much we raised. I cannot believe people’s generosity, especially with everyone struggling financially it means a lot that people have supported us.

“I’m in a bit of pain today. The start of the challenge was probably the hardest part but my mindset is that I have to finish what I start. My legs felt like jelly after we finished.

“With a challenge like this, mental preparation is the most important factor. Anyone wanting to try something like this just needs to go for it.”

You can support their challenge at