THE police chief who led the investigation against Philip Day has spoken of how he became ‘obsessed’ in his conspiracy of a paedophile ring operating among schools and the police force in Northwich.

Philip Day has been found guilty at Chester Crown Court today after an eight-year campaign against the former UCAN high school in Rudheath, led to him stalking two teachers and burning down the school.

Speaking after today’s verdict, Chief Inspector Simon Meegan said Day’s behaviour was ‘bizarre, persistent and obsessive’.

Chief Insp Meegan said: “This has been a very complex investigation over a significant period of time involving both stalking behaviour by Philip Day but also ultimately the arson at what was the University of Chester Academy Northwich.

“Philip Day’s behaviour was persistent. He was obsessed in his belief that there was a wider paedophile ring operating at the school and in the police service and he also made allegations in regard to a sexual assault offence involving a young person at the school, which was investigated by detectives and no complaint was ever received from any individual at the school in regard to a sexual assault.”

Day persistently visited the school, posting videos to Facebook of him making allegations of paedophile cover-ups outside the school gates, and twice turned up at open days.

One incident where Day turned up at the school on an open evening, forced head teacher Cath Green to take action and put the school into ‘lockdown’.

Chief Insp Meegan added: “All allegations made by Philip Day have been thoroughly investigated. But it was his own continued stalking behaviour that actually caused the disruption at that school, to children’s education - a place where they should have felt safe - the wider community and the parents of those children.

“Even prior to the fire that was generating an element of fear in the community, which he knew about from his social media posts, he would respond and target those who dared to question him over social media. And when there was a fire at the school, of course that was quite significant in terms of the impact that that’s had on the school community and disruption it caused particularly in the lead up to exams at the time of year.”

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Chief Insp Meegan has stressed that any concerns or allegations will always be looked into by Cheshire Police, but said vigilante criminals like Day will face justice for their actions.

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He added: “I think this case has been quite unique and his behaviour has been quite obsessive.

“If anyone has information in regards to concerns or any allegations absolutely we will investigate those thoroughly, as we did.

“But to take the law into your own hands and ultimately burn down a school, impacting the school that you perversely claim to be protecting is just very bizarre behaviour, and now Philip Day faces a custodial sentence and justice for the actions that he undertook over a period of time.”