A NEW restaurant has opened in Northwich offering people milkshakes, waffles, paninis, hot dogs and pizzas.

Don Perfetto opened at the start of January in Witton Street near Northwich Library.

Kaloyan Baevski, 26, owner of Don Perfetto, said: “Тhe idea for opening a place like Don Perfetto came from the desire to have this colourful and simple menu, full of joy for children and adults.”

It has been a big success so far and Kaloyan is delighted with the welcome he has received from the people of Northwich since the restaurant officially opened.

“It settled very well from day one and the people have been really enthusiastic and as we can see by their smiles, it fits well in the town so far.

“Everybody seems to be satisfied. The people are returning for more and more, so that speaks very well we think.”

It is a small team that work in the restaurant and Kaloyan is grateful for the hard work put in by everyone in the restaurant.

He said: “We have a total of five people inside and everyone gives something of their own. We work as a team and friends, not as workers and bosses.”

The milkshakes and waffles have been a big success at Don Perfetto, but even the owner does not know what the secret is to its success.

He said: “Our specialities are definitely the milkshakes and waffles of course. But both are due to the secret ingredients of my chef.

“We've known each other for a long time, but he has still not told me how he is doing it.

“To tell you honestly everyone says these milkshakes are great but how do we do them? I do not know, I have no idea.”

Don Perfetto is open seven days a week from 9am to 6pm.