NORTHWICH campaigners for the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union and a second referendum, welcomed Lord Andrew Adonis to the launch of Northwich for EU at Kingsmead Primary School on Sunday.

The meeting at the school in Dukes Way was arranged at only a few days’ notice and organisers were delighted with a turn-out of more than 80 people.

Lord Adonis, who has been a prominent campaigner for a second vote, stressed the impact of Brexit on young people.

Lord Adonis told those at the meeting that since the referendum he has visited dozens of high schools in both remain and leave areas and found students are 'overwhelmingly in support of the UK’s continued membership'. He is urging that they too should have a say.

Catriona Stewart, co-organiser of the meeting, said: "It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Lord Adonis to Northwich. We at Northwich for EU respect the views of remainers and leavers alike. We have enjoyed speaking to both sides in the town on weekends when we have held stalls and while we have not always agreed, our conversations have always been cordial and good-natured.

"We do not believe that democracy is ever made worse by more democracy, just as health care is not made worse by more health care or education not improved by more education. A people’s vote means that if Brexit is right for Britain, now we know what it looks like, it will be voted for again and will be respected by us all.

"The country is horribly divided. We believe 3Ds - more debate, dialogue and democracy can only be good for bringing us back together."

“The national interest requires Parliament to give the country a fresh chance to vote - whether to accept Theresa May’s final deal or to stay in the EU; our view is staying in offers the whole country the best chance of future prosperity and peace.”