A NEW social gaming night has launched at a Witton Street bar, in a bid to add another element to Northwich’s nightlife.

Pixel Lounge, at Barons Lounge, enjoyed its opening night on Monday, February 4 with gamers flocking to the bar’s upstairs area for a mix of retro and modern offerings.

The brainchild of Ben Booth, Pixel Lounge gives unlimited gaming and a free drink in exchange for a £5 entry fee every Monday from 5.30pm.

Ben said: “I had the idea last year in December – I was thinking that there is nothing like this for young people to do in Northwich.

“There are a lot of things in town, but this is a niche. There are lots of gamers out there and some really popular games at the minute.”

Offering everything from the classic Super Nintendo to the latest consoles across a number of screens, the Pixel Lounge brings a social, outgoing aspect to gaming.

“It’s somewhere people can get out and socialise – instead of being sat at home on their Xbox, people can meet new people and enjoy themselves with a nice pint,” said Ben.

“There is also the experience of a nice lounge and a relaxing area, where you can sit down and have a laugh and bring that ‘family board game’ feel back where people would meet up and go and do something as a bit of a social event.

“Northwich needs something like that, where people can meet up after work for something to do.”

There is also a chance for attendees to help shape the options in its early days, while enjoying a range of games most would not be able to find elsewhere.

Ben said: “We’ll have a mix of old and new, like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots – these are games that you remember playing as a kid. That will set us apart from everywhere else.

“We are going to spend some time finding out what people want. Do they want old Tetris or Fifa 19 or both? We will have that base range, and can get things in accordingly.”

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