A CAMPAIGN urging residents to cut down on fizzy drinks has come to Northwich this month.

Fizz Free February, launched last year by Southwark Council in London, has been backed by Northwich Town Council and Northwich Business Improvement District, as well as Winsford and Middlewich town councils.

The initiative encourages people to ditch sugary drinks for the whole month, and aims to raise awareness of the health implications of drinking fizzy drinks which often contain high amounts of sugar.

Cllr Helen Rowlands said: “We’re delighted that Fizz Free February has reached Northwich. It’s a fantastic way to cut down on sugar and make positive lifestyle changes.

"Good luck to everyone in Northwich who is going fizz-free this month.”

Latest data from Public Health England shows that sugar now makes up 13.5 per cent of four- to 10-year-olds’ daily calorie intake, and 14.1 per cent of teenagers’. The official recommendation is to limit sugar to no more than 5 per cent.

A 2017 survey by Public Health England showed that 20.7 per cent of five-year-olds in west Cheshire had experienced dental decay before they started school, while more than a quarter of Northwich 10- to 11-year-olds are overweight.

Northwich BID manager Jane Hough said: “As the data shows, having too much sugar can have a number of negative impacts on health which is why the BID has pledged to raise more awareness of it.

“Here in Northwich we’ve got a number of great cafes and bars that will work with you to find alternative drinks if you want to avoid sugar when you’re in town.

"All you have to do is ask and they’ll be more than happy to help you.”

To support the Northwich Fizz Free February campaign, use the hashtag #gofizzfree on social media.