THE Joshua Tree has launched a new charity brand identity to reflect its work in providing a ‘new normal’ for families affected by childhood cancer.

Moving away from the former green house, the new logo is made up of a giraffe and a tree.

Lynda Hill, CEO at The Joshua Tree, said: “Our decision to update the brand identity to reflect more of what we do in supporting families affected by childhood cancers is a move away from the perception of providing a holiday home for families, and more of a service provision to help families find their ‘new normal’ when affected by childhood cancers.”

The charity says the giraffe reflects the children they support, with the branches being different services offered by the Family Support Team, and the roots represent Northwich and the community that has supported the charity.

The change was announced on February 4, World Cancer Day, with new logo and website design provided as a donation by BROAD and Double D Creative, respectively.