NORTHWICH'S MP has called for a compromise over Brexit to allow Britain to move forwards.

Mike Amesbury, MP for Weaver Vale, told a National Association of Head Teachers summit in Crewe it is ‘inevitable’ that Brexit will be delayed in order to secure a ‘common sense’ deal with the European Union.

He said: "We are persistently pushing the Government towards a customs union, but unfortunately the Prime Minister is almost a hostage to a minority of Brexiters who want a ‘no deal’.

“These are a bizarre bunch of characters. They are the only Tories I know that want to see huge taxes imposed upon British industry, a tiny minority.

“It is inevitable we will have to extend the timetable. There are 600 statutory instruments that we have to get through Parliament just to get European law into British law.

“That cannot be infinite. People spin the line that this is about stopping Brexit, but this is about getting the best deal that we can.”

Mr Amesbury,who is Labour's shadow employment minister, voted in line with the party whip in the Cooper amendment last week – which would have seen Brexit delayed until the end of the year.

The vote was rejected, with 14 Labour rebels voting in line with the Conservatives.

Antoinette Sandbach, Conservative MP for Eddisbury, voted to support the Cooper amendment against her party whip.