CHILDREN were fascinated to discover first hand what lessons are like for pupils in China.

Teachers from schools in Xi'an, one of the country's oldest cities, visited Barnton Community Nursery and Primary School.

The cultural trip was part of an international school partnership and professional development programme.

Head teacher Alison Lawson said: "The Chinese teachers were keen to share experiences and take ideas back to China."

Teachers from Xi'an, where the world famous Terracotta Warriors were found by farmers digging a water well in 1974, spoke to pupils, answered their questions and read them stories.

The visitors wanted to find out as much as possible about how schools in this country operate and how children study.

They not only met pupils and teachers, they were also able to taste a famous English sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries.

Barnton youngsters were delighted to learn all about school life in the capital of Shaanxi province, where more than six million people live.

"Children from the School Council hosted a traditional English tea party and had the opportunity to ask questions about similarities and differences between schools in the UK and China," said Mrs Lawson.

"Children were surprised with how many similarities we share with the Chinese school. However, they were extremely shocked to learn that the school day is from 8am to 6pm!"

Barnton pupils said they really enjoyed the experience of swapping and sharing information with their visitors who had flown more than from 5,100 miles to explore English schools and cities.

The Chinese delegation of teachers visited Manchester, Chester and Liverpool to familiarise themselves with some British culture.