A PROFESSIONAL percussionist has just settled in Hartford and he is looking for people to start taking music lessons.

Evan Carson, 28, is a professional musician who has been touring Europe for the last three years.

Evan said: “I have been playing drums for about 14 years now.

“I know I am very lucky doing what I do, the touring is great as well.”

Evan has visited some interesting places on his travels.

He said: “Moscow and St Petersburg would be two of the most interesting places that I have visited.

“I was also on a Norwegian island doing some filming but it was at the time of year where it is always light so that was quite an alien experience for me.”

Evan enjoys a variety of musical styles.

He said: “I used to just focus on general stuff really but I’ve started focusing on world music and folk music, that’s where the money seems to be in touring.”

He is able to teach drums, bodhran or how to read music.

For more information visit the website evancarsondrums.com