THE Davenham Players, who own and operate Davenham Theatre, have had a great year, with a notable omission.

During 2018 they’ve staged black comedy, adult comedy, a period costume drama, taken part in Northwich’s literary festival, put on radio plays, story telling evenings, their first poetry slam, hosted award winning comedians, poets and musicians, held Masterclasses and formed a writer’s group.

So what’s missing from that list? A pantomime.

But they’re putting that right at the beginning of the new year with Peter Nuttall’s pantomime 'Robin Hood and His Merry Persons'.

Robin Hood certainly wears tights, but can he shoot straight?

Marion is locked all alone in her tower by her wicked uncle, The Sheriff of Davenham – so who is she talking to? Where has King Richard the Lionheart been all these years anyway, and how can you tell a false moustache from a real one?

These, and all the other questions you never thought to ask, are answered during the pantomime. Actually, oh no they’re not.

Robin will bound on stage at 7.30pm each evening from Tuesday, January 15 to Friday, January 18, and at 4pm on Saturday, January 19.

Tickets can been booked online or by calling 01606 259596