A FREE dementia-friendly carol concert takes place in Northwich next week.

At 2pm on Wednesday, December 12, the Northwich Salvation Army will be holding the celebratory Christmas service for people living with dementia, although all are invited.

Northwich church has been at the forefront of The Salvation Army’s mission to offer a welcoming and understanding place for people living with dementia and their families, friends and carers.

Staff and volunteers have recently attended a Dementia Awareness Event, working in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society, to learn more about some of the challenges people with the disease face and to become ‘dementia friends’.

The dementia-friendly carol service is just the start of a whole new chapter, whereby the church aims to hold many more events that are accessible for all.

This includes plans for regular ‘Singing By Heart’ therapeutic singing sessions from early next year, to give people living with dementia a chance to reconnect to memories as they sing along to popular songs and hymns with their friends and family members.

Captain Becky Ward, corps officer of Northwich Salvation Army, said: “Everyone knows someone with dementia and far too many of them can end up being excluded from the everyday activities we all take for granted because they can be overwhelming or bewildering, so I’m thrilled that we are having a carol service this year for them specifically."