ONE of the UK’s most celebrated breweries will be helping pull in the punters for a musical Christmas do in Northwich next month.

Beavertown Brewery is launching its new partnership with Softlad Promotions at the Salty Dog on December 22, with Deja Vega headlining the night as part of Softlad’s monthly residency in High Street.

Backed by The Zangwills and Delights, the night promises some of the area’s most exciting music alongside good beer and festive cheer.

Deja Vega played the Salty Dog – which has fast become one of Northwich’s go-to venues for new music since opening last year – during the Charlatans’ North by Northwich homecoming festival in May.

Chris Mundie, who owns the bar, said: “Deja Vega have been gigging quite a lot, and I would say they are probably the biggest band in the area at the minute. We had them here for the Charlatans’ North by Northwich festival."

The Zangwills, made up of members from Northwich, Warrington and Chester, also played during the festival, while Delights were picked up during it and put on the line-up.

Chris added: “It’s a celebration for Christmas as well, so it’s nice to do something for that. It should be really good, the line-up is brilliant.”

The Salty Dog regularly features Beaverton guest beers on tap and by the can, making it a perfect place to launch the exciting new partnership between Softlad – founded by Iain Tinsley – and London-based Beavertown.

Chris said: “Softlad have been putting on gigs since we opened and promoting for about six months before that, so we have got in with them really early doors.

“They have just been growing and growing, really, putting on gigs in Liverpool and Manchester and across the north west.”

The next Softlad gig at the Salty Dog is on Thursday, December 13, featuring Carpet, The Arbors and Entropy, before Deja Vega headline on Saturday, December 22.

Iain said: “We want to be giving these bands a platform to showcase their talents. Softlad will be two years old in January, and it all started in a pub in Widnes.

“I actually got in touch with Chris before he opened and we have been doing a monthly residency every since.

“I do it because I love music and I’m having a good time doing it. If I get to have a few beers and play a few of my favourite few tunes in between, then great.

“The last four, five, six gigs we have done have all been absolutely rammed. Certainly since the Charlatans came to town, Northwich has really become a place where people are going in search of new music.”

They say if you don’t ask you don’t get, and Softlad’s association with Beavertown came about through a chance email from Iain to the brewery.

He said: “I manage a couple of bands, and really like the way that Red Stripe sponsor a lot of gigs and promote new music. I thought it would be good to get something similar for Softlad, so I just emailed to ask the question and they said ‘let’s do it’.

“This gig is a great way to launch that partnership. I have known the Deja Vega lads since 2015 and their live show is just relentlessly good.

“It’s hard to describe it, but it’s just 45 minutes of mayhem.

“With The Zangwills and Delights, I think we have got the three biggest bands in Cheshire at the moment.”