SUBWAY staff at Lostock Gralam rose to the challenge of making their first ever six-foot sandwich on Saturday.

The team took the catering order for an eighteenth birthday party.

"It's the first time we have done it," said franchisee Graeme Keast.

"People say 'isn't it cheaper to just get six foot-longs', and the answer is no. For every foot of sub there is four feet of dough plaited together."

Two members of staff took around four hours to complete the £100 order, on behalf of Warrington-based ATE Catering.

The sandwich was built in one-and-a-half metre blocks, plaited together and proved, baked, cut and filled with 126 pieces of meat.

It was cut into 24 pieces at the party, and can serve up to 30 people.

Graeme added: "We want to start doing more of these. We do the platters and cookie platters, and they always look great.

"There is no better party than a Subway party."