SURESTORE has joined a campaign to remember the women involved in the First World War effort, through a banner at their new Chesterway Retail Park site.

The banner has been unfurled to commemorate Remembrance Day, 100 years after the end of the war, and back the Royal British Legion’s ‘Thank You’ movement.

Paul Whittaker from SureStore Northwich said: “It is incredibly important not to forget the unbelievable sacrifices made during the Great War, particularly those made by women who played a major role as nurses, caring for the wounded and assisting those struggling with shell shock.

"We are commemorating all of their contributions by flying the Wave of Gratitude banner proudly from our store in the heart of the town.”

Catherine Davies, head of remembrance at the RBL, added: “We owe the First World War generation a huge debt of gratitude for helping shape the world as we know it today – not only the 1.2 million British and Commonwealth soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefields but also those who kept the home front going.

“Women played an essential role in the war effort, seizing the opportunity to prove their worth and take another step towards getting the vote. Each and every one of them deserves our thanks.”